Sunday, October 24, 2010


I know i know...haven't been writing this like a year....been busy, lost motivation...and I'm a lazy person =D
Anyways, now I'm back....and I have something to write
Well after studying in UUM about half a year....everything is fine now, getting use to the life there, sometimes enjoy staying there (home is still the best) ^^
Now I'm at home (2nd time) after like 4 months, ha! Study week like one week, but i skip 5 days class in order to have a 2 weeks study week lol ;) thanks to our uni system which we always called that in UUM ---> touch and go (a system where you juz put your matric card on the stupid machine) how well the machine works, i don't know!
after staying there for like 4 months, i seem to get fatter, hmm yeah healthy life there, at least i don't skip meals and wake up early? exercise like cycling around the school compound which i love to do!
yeah fatter now! But not as fat like one month ago, haha! I seem to get tired of the food there now. Everyday the same things, same routine x.x
But I'm starting to love roti canai PISANG! cool stuff juz try that few days before i arrive! i miss it now =(
oh yeah and i tried jungle trekking! it was fun, could be more fun without the leeches! damn i got biten twice, wasn't aware of that the 2nd them until i took off my shoes...and my new adidas which cost me 300 bucks! yeah it was my fault, i forgot to bring the sportwear nike and i had to wear them, casual adidas = jungle trekking. OH NO!
and yeah after the study week is the exam week....*sigh*
lol and actually is the rain here that encourage ME to write back!
The heavy rain SCARE ME!

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